The Team




Andrei Burton

Andrei is one of the most established and successful professional mountain bike athletes in the UK. He has been riding trials since the age of 13 and has been competing for the last 10 years. He has been the highest placed UK rider in the UCI World rankings for several years in a row and in the top 10 in the world for the past 6 years. He has also won UK
Elite championship competitions and been on the European and World podiums in BIU Competitions.





oli green 2

Oliver Green

Oli is a top Free-style mountainbiker. He competes in various competitions and is an all round top guy. He is great with the crowds and will always pull something of the bag.





Joe Seddon

Previous British Elite Champion and international competitor, Joe is a top level rider with the results to prove it. Joe started riding 20″ trials bikes back in 2002 and quickly became a well-known UK rider. He has applied his skills to a range of bikes but now mainly rides 26″ trials bikes. Joe loves having a crowd behind him pushing him to go bigger, better and further!






Kie Willis

Starting off jumping around on mattresses in his back garden, Kie is now one of the most highly-regarded free-runners in the world. He regularly competes in the Red Bull Art of Motion competitions and has come back with some podium finishes. He has had massive success with his YouTube videos and has accumulated tens of thousands of views.



Josh Kydd

Josh Kydd

Josh is a top UK trials rider and cometes at National trials event, even making the podium and the Fort Willian round of the UK nationals series. He is a smooth and powerful rider and has taken well to show riding. The picture to the left shows him riding at the McLaren head quarters.






Matt Pengelly


Matt is a very experienced rider having competed at National trials events across the UK. Matt is based down in Cornwall and is a great asset to the team. As well as delighting crowds with his riding skills he’s also our resident DJ! Our new live DJ shows have a built-in DJ booth – Matt spins tunes while the riders literally ride over the top of him! This adds an exciting element. We will be rolling them out with Matt behind the decks as well as on his bike through 2013 and beyond!





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