Shows and Exhibitions

Why not use Andrei (multiple Guinness World Record Holder) and his team, to excite and inspire at your event?


We organize all sorts of events, great & small for fairs, sports events, schools, bicycle races, festivals, etc…
Each show is unique and altered to fit the area we are in, making the most of the space availbe. Not only do we bring our own rig, we are open to specific and new actions in our shows to ensure maximum watching pleasure.

Since 2008 we also offer the possibility to book other athletes from various sports and combine them in one show. Such as flatland BMX, Motortrials, Motorcross, freestyle BMX, free-runners and Free-style mountainbike riders. We use the very best athletes in each sport to wnsure we always provide the best show possible.

Everywhere a show & atmosphere is required, we are a professional solution.


  • A Modified van ┬áto use as an obstacle
  • up to 10 stage elements which can be placed on top of or next to eachother (0.5m-2m10)
  • Side-hop act (lateral high-jump without speed)
  • Professional PA equipment
  • Power supply if needed
  • Professional Commentary
  • Ramps and jumps
  • Essentially everything, all we need from you is barriers, it couldn’t be simplar!