About Bodog

Ever heard of Bodog Canada? is it the first time you are coming across it? Okay, let me not tire you with a lot of questions but instead take you directly to what you are yearning to know most.

Bodog Canada is one of a very familiar brand in the world of sports betting and gambling. One of the oldest and well-established brand, Bodog Canada though originating from Canada, it has several branches that have well pervaded different corners of the world. Its founder Calvin Ayre, an ambitious entrepreneur, dreamt of forming one of the major brands in the world of entrepreneurship and that is why he chose such a unique name for this online bookmaker as opposed to other existing betting and gambling sites you have already heard of.

Bodog Promotions for Canadian Players

Bodog being Canadian, it has designed special promotional products for all the Canadian players taking part in gambling and betting using this site. For instance, for every newcomer, there is up to $600 waiting for you depending on the kind of sport you are taking part in. For example if its casino, apart from the welcome bonus you are entitled to, there are a range of weekly amazing offers of up to $15 chips for every bet of $100 and above that is played and many more that includes referral bonuses etc.

Bodog Markets

The markets offered, by Bodog Canada are far-reaching in terms of efficiency and uniqueness and that is why other online bookmakers won't compare. Providing a lot of innumerable options, Bodog Canada focuses on the richly endowed North American market that has the most passionate fans for their own sports ranging from football, baseball, American football, and hockey just to mention but a few. Live betting of the Badong is one of the finest since all has been done towards the revamp of the platform making it one of the best to experience for players because of its simplicity in manipulation and understanding.

Bodog pros (+)

Bodog Canada, popular household name today has a variety of advantages to all the players that choose to gamble on their site. It's only at Bodog Canada that you will find a wider range of existing betting options that best suit your test and preferences. This means that the players have the cake with them and they are only required to make wisest of decisions when playing and they will easily win on this site. Another one is an existing supportive customer service that all clarification are dealt with promptly. What of bonuses? well, this is also one of the key areas that the bookmaker has heavily invested into and you can be sure by us of your acquired bonuses you can still go ahead and make a big fortune out of betting and gambling on the site. Lastly, there is a formidable sense of trust that the bookie has created for itself and therefore Bodog Canada is exactly your perfect online sports betting arena!

Bodog cons (-)

Bodog as an online bookie do experience its challenges too but not to the extreme. What do I mean? well the site despite its well improved live betting platform, it only offers a limited number of options for live betting. Not a bad thing anyway but its impact is usually felt when the fans of the supposedly left out team feel sidelined since they can not play their favorite teams online. Also, it's not possible to watch a video of live in play match on their site that is still undergoing development and upgrade for the future. Finally, Bodog has sidelined some countries such as America, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

Despite the cons, Bodog Canada remains one of the most reliable online bookmakers that really fits your needs since every existing product is well tailored with you in consideration.

Good luck pals.